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Bug out Bag presentation

Courtesy of our resident member of the USCG, D-Day's Bug Out Bag presentation:
Bug Out!

Grey Ribbon report from President Farrell

"Grey ribbons project,
March 2011

The second project of our first year started out as the "Willy Wonka grey ribbons". We were going to be giving people the chance to win one of three passes to ZomBcon with each ribbon, however by the end people only wanted the ribbons and to know about ZRS.
The overall process of the project was to increase our personal contact with the public, and enlighten them concerning the coming zombie apocalypse. Through out the month our members handed out ribbons in their daily lives as well as at various events. We started with over 300 ribbons, we are left with less then 20. Those resulting in being Lost in the bottom of pockets and bags only to be found after the fact.

The positive:
To start with, our new treasurer Teresa created a process that allowed her to produce large numbers of ribbons in short periods of time. It was through her hard work that we were able to start with so many ribbons.
As for the process of handing them out we experienced an actual desire for the ribbons, people really wanted them! We were also lucky enough to have a couple of events where it was all too easy to run out of ribbons and cards. Again, our job is always made easier by the fact we are based in such a receptive environment. I truly don't know if it is possible to quantify just how fortunate our chapter is.

Opportunities for improvement:
In the future we may want to find a more direct source to procure ribbon from. In the process of making so many ribbons Teresa ended up buying out many different locations which resulted in our ribbons being different shades of gray.
Izzy our VP started to attach the ribbons to ZRS cards and hand them out that way. I believe this to have been a technique we should have done from the beginning. The only way that I figure this could be improved upon is if we stamped basic information on the backs of the cards, maybe zombie recognition pointers, other ZRS affiliated internet sites, or tips on avoiding infection.

When all was said and done I consider the project to have been a huge success. Not only did we get to interact with all those people, we also greatly increased the public knowledge of zombie awareness. The majority of people knew nothing about May being zombie awareness month.
I have no problem saying that ZRS was well ahead of the CDC in using the pending zombie plague to prepare people for the potential of other disasters. The Seattle chapter has always believed that "If you are prepare for zombies you be ready for any epidemic, disaster, or civil unrest." for me personally, it was this tag line alone that captured people's attention the most during the last month.

In closing, the project was so successful that we plan on continuing to hand out ribbons through out the year."

May Meeting Minutes

The May meeting was held once again at the Undead Labs and it's location is still classified to Eyes Only personnel on a Need-To-Know basis. The agenda for the evening was based solely upon our actual Z-Day plans which were also deemed classified to Ears Only personnel in attendance and thus cannot be discussed here.

What can be discussed is that the Gear Raffle was a success and $45 dollars was made as a result. Everything from paracord to a medieval-looking ogre club were raffled off.

And there was pizza.

It was fun. If you weren't there, you should've been. Unless you were sick... sorry Rick and Shannon!

Shock Treatment

...and no I don't mean the song by The Ramones, I mean trauma-induced shock that could turn into life-threatening shock.
Shock has been known to claim more lives than the wound that usually causes it. Know how to prevent it with from help from ol' Sarge, from April's portion of Sarge's Corner his presentation on Shock Prevention click here.

April Meeting Minutes

April Agenda:
- Go-Bag PowerPoint
- Radio interview
- Sarge's Corner First Aid demo
- Knot tying
- Projects update
- Working with AFK

[Author's note: Program deviated from plan due to lengthy presentations, but due to the level of importance they provided it was indeed worth it. Remember everyone, Knowledge is Power and use Your head to remove Theirs -SJ, editor]

New members and guests - We were joined by Cleaves, the host of a local radio program, as well as 5 new attendees. Preston and Brett are ZRS 1%ers, while Zach, Liz and Bearett are ZomBcon veterans

New Treasurer position - 1%er Teresa accepted this position upon a vote by the other officers. Congratulations Teresa, welcome to the Officers Club!

Sarge's Corner - Sgt. Brackett, a former paramedic and member of the United States Marine Corp, gave a demo on treatment and diagnosis of shock. A link with his Powerpoint will be posted later. Here are some notes:

- Shock can be fatal even though a wound may not necessarily be 'life threatening'
- Two kinds: Psychogenic (feinting spells) and Hypovolemic (loss of blood volume or blood plasma appropriately)
- Defined in 1852 as a "rude unhinging of the machinery of life"

-Keep warm, evacuate immediately if possible
-Do not move if cranial/spinal injury suspected
-*Reassure casualty, keep them calm, "take charge" confident attitude
DO NOT comment on their condition regardless of severity
DO NOT give Food or Water, choking hazard

Coasties' Corner - Bug Out Bags

Will have his own post about bug out bags shortly, so stay tuned but here are some notes:

The Bug Out Bag, the Shit Kit, Battle Box, Get Outta Dodge Bag
- It's made for 72 hours of survival only, long enough for the government to launch some sort of relief attempt
- Must be very portable, usually a backpack
- A Bug Out Bag is different from a Get Home Bag
The GHB is what you have in your car trunk or locker or at work and is meant to get you home to your main Bug Out Bag which will be more adequately supplied, stocked and armed than your average GHB.
- Try before you buy! Last thing you need to find your pack causes more harm than good. Check the quality too since a hole-y bag is a useless bag.
- For survival a human needs: Food, water, oxygen, sleep, water (we need that much) and shelter
- Contents: (Should include) Nonperishable food, water (cooking, cleaning), purification supplies, cooking supplies, First aid kit, fire starting equipment, clothes, N95 respirator dust mask
- Other items to consider: Knife (fixed blade and folding), maps, lights (flashlight, cyalume lightstick), battery/crank radio, cash, ID, duct tape, paracord, tarp, wires, emergency signal mirror or flare, personal defense weapon, hunting device and most importantly Your Survival Plan.

Hydrate or die

Without water we're doomed. Without running taps or prepackaged water you will need to find alternatives for hydration. Not all the water found during the Apocalypse will be fit to drink either. Do you know what do to make it potable?
As promised here is the presentation from March's ZRS meeting from Sarge's Corner. Thanks again for the knowledge Sarge.
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